Intro to Low Waste.

So you’ve decided to adapt a more low waste lifestyle?

Awesome! Way to go! 

But where does one begin?

Lets start with the basics.

First of all – do NOT go out and buy expensive zero waste kits, fancy straws and coconut bowls. Sure, they are pretty and instagrammable, but is that low waste thinking? 


The most sustainable way to minimize waste is obviously to use what you already have. Use it, use it again and again and once more until you are ready to replace an item – THEN you can opt for something a bit extra.


Repurpose old glass jars and bottles. Use them to store dry goods, for coffee & drinks on the go or for leftovers. You can actually freeze produce in glass containers so no need for those icky tupperware containers anymore. Yay! I try to stay clear of plastic as often as I can, but of course I’m lazy sometimes. If I feel like I “need” freezer bags for example, I choose biodegradable ones – like these ones from Ninjaplast. Another easy way to say NO to plastic is  to invest in a couple of tote bags & to actually make the effort of bringing them with you to the grocery store. 

Try buying eco friendly packaged products, and look for places that offer package free or bulk items. Get on the no food waste-train by shopping at outlet stores like Over all, be mindful when buying food and make sure to use it all.

Switch out your regular plastic toothbrush for a  bamboo one.

Go thrifting – we all know my love for thriftstores – and start mending your old clothes instead of tossing them in favor for new ones.

One thing I’ve yet to try is re-useable coffee filters As a major caffeine addict that seems to be the sensible thing to invest in, or maybe I’ll try sewing my own.

I can go on for days, but all in all – the most important thing to understand is that you DO NOT have to be perfect. Make changes in a way that fits YOUR lifestyle!

Let me know down below how you get on.

Good luck!

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