August Feature: @vengstream – The Colorful Thrifter

The other day I came across some childhood photos of me, my family and my friends. When going through them, I immediately got to thinking about how the way we approach clothing have changed over the decades – from wearing homemade garments and well worn hand-me-downs to having pretty much mindless shopping habits. About 80% of  global textile waste ends up in landfills these days, only 20% are recycled or reused. Can we change this by finally taking a step back from fast fashion?

With this in mind I asked you guys on Instagram IF and WHY you thrift for yourself and/or your kids, and if you regularely wear hand-me-downs from friends and family.

Your replies made so much sense.

Many of you,  myself included, have a love for vintage statement pieces and uses that interest as the focal point in your day to day styling. Others shop second hand to save money, but the most common answer to these Q’s has to be that you mostly thrift kids clothes  due to the short period of time the pieces are actually worn. That really resonated with me. Although I don’t have children of my own, I applaud the fact that bying pre-loved for your kiddos has become the norm nowadays.


I got in touch with a true thrift queen to talk some more about sustainability and style.

Everyone, meet Victoria.

She lives her life in the fastlane, having had three kids in three years. Thrifting and sustainable living is a passion of hers, and she dresses both herself and her children in bright colored retro clothes with bold patterns.

“I started thrifting in highschool” she says, and continues to tell me about how her personal style have evolved since having kids. “I mostly wore black back then, and often found my boots and pieces with pretty lace details in second hand shops”. Nowadays it’s clear that she most certainly not is wearing all black anymore.

Buying and selling second hand pieces has become an even bigger part of Victorias day to day life now after having children, and together the family is applying an environmentally friendly lifestyle. At the moment they are giving cloth diapers a go. The kids have also been lucky to inherit some of their fathers old clothes, more often than not knitted by their pgmo. How sweet!

Bright colors & bold patterns
Firstborn in second hand clothing

Victoria closes off our short conversation by saying that she would love it if her story can inspire others to shop second hand.

So go on, hop on over to Victorias Instagram page @vengstream for a creativity boost and a few laughs. She’s quite funny too!

Let me know down below your thoughts on fast fashion and thrifting.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday!