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Why I do what I do

I often feel that what I do is kind of silly, I mean – who am I to think that I’m interesting enough to put myself out there? I cannot compete with all of the professional and perfectly edited content out there. It can so easily become overwhelming to think like that, to constantly have the mindset of being less than others. To compare content, looks, size, anything and everything. It’s exhausting!

But, what if we start focusing on our strengths, on the positive aspect of it all. What CAN I do? What if we celebrate our differences and quirky personalities as a good thing? That’s when the magic happens, right? Maybe I can help create a space where it is OK to take a step away from the picture perfect idea of who we need to be. Maybe I can inspire to a bit more personality and uniqueness. At least, that’s what I hope to do. With that said, does it really make any difference showcasing our lives on Instagram or in a YouTube video?

If we put aside the common opinion of it being superficial [ie the prancing around in videos & doing hauls and posting pretty pictures of ourselves] I absolutely think it does! Last week I had the honor of co-hosting a style challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #sawitpinneditworeit, focusing on recreating outfits based on pictures found on Pinterest by shopping our own closets. I was obviously blown away by all of you participating and being creative, but most of all by the level of support between you guys. I’m so glad that a simple challenge like this one could help create such a loving environment on a public platform, and I encourage all of you reading this to hop on over and have a mooch around in the comment sections on all of the amazing posts. I am proud of being a part of such an incredible sustainable community with such caring and empowering individuals.

This became quite the rant. I guess what I wanted to say with this post is that we have to be a bit kinder to ourselves and believe that all the little things we do daily actually CAN make a difference.

We can only try to do our best, you know?

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