Blogmas 2019

Get Crafty – Blogmas day 1

It’s  F I N A L L Y  here guys, it’s Blogmas time!

24 days of christmassy goodness!

I’m so excited to be sharing with you the many things I’m doing to make this holiday season as festive as can be, starting with these  B E A U T I F U L  paper advent stars. They are all over Instagram and Pinterest at the moment, you’ve most certanly seen them. I sure have. So of course I had to have a go at them myself.

Here’s how you can make some too!

Being such an impatient person as I am, i naturally forgot to take photos of the different steps. Oh well, I’ll do my best to explain & hoping you will get it.

I used these recycling bags – gotta keep it sustainable, right? – but any paper bags would work really. Make sure you have 12 of them. Start with measuring out where the middle of the bags are at the top, then trace your preferred shape before cutting with box cutters or some really sharp scissors. I chose a simple pointed end for a minimalistic look. Continue on to glue your bags together, one by one, paying extra attention to the edges. The easiest way is to cut one bag at first and using that as sort of a template, glueing & cutting as you go. When you have completed aaall of the glueing & cutting, it’s time for the big reveal!


Open it up to make sure that you have glued down all the edges properly. If not, now is the time to go in and improve and perfect. After making sure that the star is ok – open it up again and glue together the last two bags on the ends. Secure with a couple of clips and leave it to dry. The last thing to do is to fasten a string in one of the pointy bits and hang it up!

Cute, huh?

Hop on over to Instagram & make sure to tag me if you decide to give these stars a try, I would love to see them! Also, make sure to follow along during this december month. I might have some sneaky surprises lined up…

Join the fun!

See ya tomorrow for even more festiveness, but for now – have a lovely day!

– Ida

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