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Mindfulness during the Holidays – Blogmas day 3

It happens E V E R Y  Y E A R without fail!

Its only the 3rd of december and I’m already totally stressed out.

Big chocker, right?

We seem to put so much pressure on ourselves during the holidays, and if you are anything like me it’s so easy to get burnt out. And that’s not fun, is it?

N O P E !

With this in mind, I thought I would share a few tips with you on how to have a more mindful Christmas season. Maybe I’ll take my own advice and chill out a bit. At least, I hope you do.


Stay organized by planning EVERYTHING! Gifts, activities, parties & gatherings – stay on top of it by writing lists [who doesn’t love a good list?] and try to get as much stuff done ahead of time as possible. That way you can enjoy your time with friends & family without distractions.


When you are making plans for the holidays, make sure to set aside some alone time. Christmas can be stressful to say the least, so to prioritize yourself is as important as anything else.


Get outside. Go for walks in nature, or take a stroll through town. December is such a cold and dark month, especially here in the north, that most of us just want to curl up inside in the warmth. But I promise – some fresh air & daylight will do you good.


HYDRATE! Everyone who knows me and are reading this are probably rolling their eyes and laughing right about now, haha! I’m that annoying person who’s always preaching about drinking enough water. But let me tell you – you do not want to get stuck with a nasty headache and be forced to skip out on any of the holiday fun. Take care of that bod of yours. Have a glass right this minute!


Log out. This might sound counterintuitive coming from me. Of course I would like for you to read my posts, but only if they bring you some kind of joy or inspiration. Social media should never make you feel bad in any way, so to log out and/or delete apps for a period of time is healthy. I do this myself from time to time and I’m always astounded by how addictive it is and how many other things I can get done when I’m not mindlessly scrolling.


Last but not least, try not to be so hard on yourself. I’m sure you are doing everything just right. One way or another it’s going to be Christmas, and its going to be fine. Oh, and have fun. Christmas is a gorgeous time of year if you just remember to enjoy yourself.


Everything is as it should be.



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