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Preloved is the New Black – Blogmas day 6

As most of you know, I’m a  B I G  advocate for shopping 2nd hand.

Wether it being clothes, interior stuff or kitchenware – just about anything really – I always try to get my hands on preloved pieces before opting for new purchases.

This applies to gifts aswell.


I used to feel bad for buying things in thrift shops to give to someone. I always thought that it would make me look cheep, you know? Sure it’s a good way to keep costs down a fair bit, but for me it’s always been about keeping a more circular approach to how I consume things. By gifting 2nd hand pieces I’m sharing that way of thinking with the people I love. Maybe I can inspire some to do the same.

Makes sense, right?


Shall we have a look at what I’ve been thrifting this holiday season?

A little haul, if you will.



Being Swedish meant growing up with Astrid Lindgren’s stories and their quirky characters. Bold Pippi Longstocking, cheeky Lotta & mischevous Emil. I’m sure y’all are familiar. To this day I absolutely adore reading, watching and listening to her stories . I find them so comforting. 

Imagine the nostalgia when I came across these two vinyls!

 Now if I only had a record player, haha!

I was so happy when I found this next item – the knitted sweater of my dreams.

I’ve been missing a piece like this in my wardrobe lately. I mean, you can’t go wrong with simple black basics. It doesn’t look like much, but that’s exactly the thing I like about it. It’s neutral enough to pair with just about anything, and not bulky at all. Perfect for tucking into jeans, and cropped enough to wear with skirts or dresses.

The last two things I have to show you are a pair of vintage puzzles.

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

I found them last sunday in a local second hand store, and they will make such a sweet Christmas gift to a very special little lady.


And there you have it, friends. Some of my latest finds.

I might have acquired a few more things, but with Christmas just around the corner I’m not about to risk spoiling any surprises!



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