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No more Food Waste – Blogmas day 10

This post is in collaboration with Matsmart


Did you know that about 1/3 of the food that is produced globally goes to waste?

One third!

 That’s a lot of food.

It’s fresh produce with different shape, size and color than what is considered “optimal”. It is foods that are close to, at or have passed their best-before date. It’s also perfectly edible food, often unused or left over, that gets thrown out from many households and restaurants.


Here is where Matsmart comes into play.

2018 räddade vi – tillsammans med våra Matsmarta miljöhjältar till kunder – 3218 ton mat. Det är Matsmart!

Matsmart’s mission is to save food that otherwise would be going to landfill by selling it online at a reduced price. They want to contribute to a more sustainable society while offering everyone the opportunity to buy wholesome, good food – no matter the size of your wallet!

It can be goods with an error in packaging (for example a change in color or a typo), seasonal products (Christmas or Easter candy sold in summer) and so on. Everything with a guarantee of 20-90% discounted prices.

Awesome, huh?

I have been using their website for a couple of years now. I find that I can treat myself to nice food, often eco-friendly cleaning products & things I normally would not affort to buy. And by shopping this way I’m contributing to a reduction in food waste. A win-win situation, wouldn’t you say? 

Matsmart was nice enough to create a code for me to share with you. Together we can make a difference. Take the opportunity to shop some Christmas gifts, all of the chocolate & stock your pantry this holiday.

With the code  VARDAGSKOLLEKTIVET50  you get 50 SEK off your order.

(Disclaimer: the code is valid one time per customer, for purchases over 350:- until Dec 23d 2019)


Sustainability is cool, friends!

– Ida

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