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5 ways to Sustainable Reading – Blogmas day 12

Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood.
– John Green

Now that Christmas has officially arrived, many of us like to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a book – hygge and all that cosy stuff. I have such fond memories of many a childhood holiday breaks spent reading & reading & reading. My fave when I was little was the series about Nancy Drew. I love them to this day, and actually have a few books stashed away in storage. 

I will forever be an advocate for gifting books & magazine subscriptions, and truly appreciate them for myself aswell [*hint, hint*]. I rarely buy new books though [but if I do I try to get them at a local bookstore]. There are so many other sustainable ways to aquire reading material, with the upside of not having to spend unneccesary amounts of money.

Great, huh?

Ok, here we go! 

5 ways to Sustainable Reading;


Visit your local library – Most towns have librarys with pretty much anything you could ever want to read. Make it a fun activity with your kids & let them pick out the books they want to take home, or just spend an afternoon there with them. I think it’s quite relaxing to take a moment on my own too to browse the shelves.

Have a look around some thrift stores & charity shops – Almost every single place I’ve been to when out thrifting is overflowing with books! To shop reading material like this is awesome in my opinion. The prices are super low and more often than not the books are in really good condition. I keep a ’to read-list’ on my phone as an easy reminder of what to keep an eye out for.

Borrow from friends & family – My sister is a full on book worm, so I feel kind of lucky that way. She is always keen on lending me something to read.

Write – If you are a creative person, write yourself. Or brainstorm with your kids maybe? Come up with personal stories & put them on paper. Wouldn’t that be something to cherish?

Look for library cabinets around your area – Tiny free librarys have become a worldwide thing. They are everywhere, even in my tiny town. There you can drop off books you no longer want and/or take some home with you. What a wonderful initiative! Have a look HERE on Instagram for more inspiration on this!

Now, get to reading friends!

– Ida

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